Main Dishes

Stuffed Chicken with Kishka

This recipe is chosen as a finalist in the chicken recipe contest. Prep Time : 10 min Cook Time : 45 min Ready Time : 55 min

Honey Garlic Chicken Burgers

Try substituting the chicken with another ground meat of your choosing. The result will be just as tasty!

Citrus-Marinated Chicken Breasts with Grilled Red Onions

Prep time: 20 minutes | Marinating time: 3 to 5 hours | Grilling time: 12 to 15 minutes

Italian Style Turkey Meatloaf

"Healthy, low-fat version of a favorite with an Italian flair."

Honey-Glazed Turkey Breast

Your guests will gobble this up!

Chicken Fried Portobello Steak and Chive Eggs

Chicken fried steak, which is a popular dish in the South, is a riff on southern fried chicken, only it’s made with beef. This is my...

Pan Seared Marinated Hanger Steaks with Peppers and Onions

Hanger steaks have become extremely popular in recent years. They aren’t as elegant as the even more costly rib steaks, but they are...

Beer Braised Brisket

This beer braised brisket is made easy in the slow cooker. Add 1- 2 cups beef broth for added depth of flavor.

Minute Roast

This recipe is foolproof. It doesn’t matter how much ketchup to brown sugar, the order you put it in or if you use garlic powder. The main...

Salt-and-Pepper Rib Eye

A bone-in rib eye requires nothing more than salt, pepper, and a hot grill. (Though to make it even more sublime, serve with scallions that...


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